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International transportation service

Combined International Intermodal Transport to Russia, Central Asian Countries, and Caucasian Countries International Transport Service

JEX strives for transport service which satisfies our customers by optimally combining air transport, ocean transport, rail transport, and truck transport to Russia, Central Asian Countries, and Caucasian Countries.

Utilizing our company's experience and knowhow, we offer notes of caution and advice regarding transport to Russia, Central Asian Countries, and Caucasian Countries at the pre-shipping stage and we also provide a smooth transport service after shipping by coordination between our company and our local agents in each region.

We handle a wide variety of cargo from foodstuffs to large construction equipment and tools and even project cargo.

International Cargo Shipping

Specializing in international transport to Russia, Central Asian Countries, and Caucasian Countries, we combine all means of transport including sea, rail, air, and truck in order to advise our customers on the best means of transport and routes.

We also handle the trilateral transport of cargo shipped from Asia, Europe, North America, etc. without passing through Japan, which is on the rise in recent years.


Air Transport

We meet our customers' needs using a variety of services including not only transport between airports but also a variety of other services from cargo collection to packing, storage, and export customs clearance.


Ocean Transport

In cooperation with shipping companies operating container vessel and conventional vessel (fixed-term/irregular) to provide our customers with service that can meet their needs.


Rail Transport

We provide our customers with suitable routes for their cargo (container cargo/bulk cargo) based upon the following 2 routes: transport to Russian inland areas and Central Asian countries utilizing Russian railway, and transport to Central Asian countries utilizing Chinese railway.


Truck Transport

In cases of transport from European regions to Russian inland areas and Central Asian Countries as well as customs bonded truck transport to inland areas in combination with ocean transport and transport to delivery customs terminals designated by consignee, etc., we provide service utilizing truck transport.

Import Customs Clearance and Domestic Transport
in the Destination Country

In former Soviet Union countries there still exist customs laws and conventions which are characteristic vestiges of the socialist countries of the past, and this frequently results in many business difficulties and increased costs for the shipper and recipient.

However, customs procedure can only be cleared smoothly by facing these laws. Therefore our company consults with our customers before shipping and then based upon the customer's agreement contents and cargo information our staff and regional agents conduct an advance investigation to present the customer with estimated costs, legal requirements, document information, etc. for local import customs clearance.

After import customs clearance, we have expanded our service including cargo storage in major cities and truck transport to provincial cities.